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‘I’m confused about Pretty Mouth!’: Things to Remember

‘I’m confused about Pretty Mouth!’: Things to Remember published on 6 Comments on ‘I’m confused about Pretty Mouth!’: Things to Remember

This was originally posted February 17th, 2015

After getting a slew of “I’m confused” comments, I decided I should do a bit of a refresher for things people may have missed or forgotten. So let’s dig in!

About Ira…

First, let’s start with Ira (the freckled stud muffin on Page 199).

Ira is first referenced on Page 110. Ramona explains that he’s her ex-boyfriend, and while she doesn’t know what a witch is he might just fit the bill. She also reveals that he is the one that cursed both her and Evan.

We meet Ira for his first on screen appearance starting on Page 122. Ira is found in a trance like state, chanting Hal’s language. In his house. Rizo finds Ramona’s body discarded in the corner, and Hal’s still alive in the basement. Ira attempts to help Hal drag Rizo into the basement.  Ira falters for one moment, returning to a more human state, when Rizo goes all scary mouth on him (Page 131). Rizo escapes but it isn’t long before we learn another key detail about Ira.

Evan and Ally talk in the following scene. After getting fed up with Evan’s vaugness Ally tells Evan he needs to stop dating bad boys. On Page 140 Ally reveals that Evan also dated Ira, and that he’s a dickwad. Evan completely over reacts to this, but Evan is so far in the closet he’s basically in Narnia(He lies to Ally about his date with Rizo[Page 31] and fakes having a girlfriend [Page 82]).

Our final information on Ira comes during a dream squence when Evan is in the hospital. On Page 187 Ira approaches Evan offering him a place to stay. The current flashback appears to be during the time they were living together.

Other interesting but not really important things about Ira can be found in the bonus comics (Here and Here). It’s implied that Ira’s sister was kept in the basement with Hal and tortured, as well his mother may have made sister soup and fed it to young Ira. Now why would someone torture their children like that….?

About Hal and the Witch…

Now, I think the most actually confusing thing in Pretty Mouth is Hal and The Faceless Witch. But it’s not impossible to piece together, so don’t fear! First I’ll citePage 177 and Page 178, where we learn two very important things. One, Hal is a trickster god. And two he exchanges torture for his power. With that in mind let’s go through Hal’s appearences in Pretty Mouth.

Hal first show’s up on Page 12 growling for food and embarasing Evan. Even after he’s fed he continues to growl. Since you’re taking the time to read this I’ll offer this, maybe Hal wasn’t growling because he was hungry.

The witch makes her first appearance soon after on Page 31. She follows Silver into the grocery store. At this point she isn’t noticed by anyone but Silver.

Silver and Evan go together to talk to Monster Dad about fixing their curses but Silver is lead away by the witch (Page 63). Silver is confused as to why she ever thought it was a good idea. Almost like someone’s tricking her….Hmmmm.

On Page 71 we get our first look at Hal’s mouth. He’s pretty delighted about Evan suffering and himself having a face. At the end of the same scene on Page 73monster dad reveals that he knows about the witch and mentions her banishment. Basically Monster Dad knows she’s up to shit.

The witch later approaches Silver to show her a vision starting on Page 95. The witch implies that she and other girls were falsely accused of being witches. She shows herself being dragged against her will and then being fed to Monster Dad. On Page 100 and 101 she implies that if Silver feeds her staff to Rizo she will in return Silver to normal.

On Page 107 Ramona reiterates things Monster Dad later confirms, that he’s a torturous tirckster.

I’ve already dicussed this scene in the Ira section, but Page 122 we see what Hal has done to Ira. This is the first time we see Hal speak used, but it’s not the last time. It seems to have Ira in a trance as well, on Page 130 it is used in an atempt to subdue Rizo.

Now, everyone’s least favourite part happens. Witch’s plan unfolds exactly like she wants it to. Silver is able to get Evan to feed Rizo the stone (after some pressure from Hal on Page 142). After weakening both Monster Dad and Rizo, the witch is able to touch people, be seen, and is free to do her worst.  By Page 163 she has decapitated Silver, taking her eyes back (yes the eyes that allowed Silver to see everything are the witch’s this is never mentioned, it’s just a bonus fact for those that are interested). She attacks Evan, presumably taking Hal’s mouth and Ramona’s (based on Evan missing them on Page ??).

At last we reach the scene that explains it all, starting at Page 173. Rizo wakes up, to find that he and his dad have been weakened.  Monster Dad explains that he did in fact curse the witch. He banished her, took her face and left her unable to be seen, touched, or effect the world.  He goes onto explain a story similar to the witch’s original story with some key differences.

Monster Dad doesn’t leave out the reasons why the witch was sent to him for punishment. He shows the full extent of what she was doing. The witch tricks her entire vilage with Hal’s magic. She totures the villagers, stealing people and deforming their faces. When the people return from the witch’s torture, they are veiwed as monsters/witches and the villagers execute them. This goes on until the witch is caught and is thrown into Monster Dad for her punishment. We also get the second use of Hal speak, this time used to put people in a trance and lead them into the witch’s clutches.

Our final most recent Hal scene starts on Page 189 with Evan waking up in the hospital. His mom is by his bedside when he wakes up,  she is relieved to see that he’s alive. She expresses that she feels sorry for kicking him out, wishing she’d have gotten him help. She bothers him for his girlfriend’s number. As Evan struggles with the whole his girl friend is totally fake thing, something happens with his mom. One Page 192 her approach makes a 180. She’s no longer concerned about him,  she becomes angry then distant, cold, and callous. She’s overtaken by Hal’s laughter and for a moment regains herself. Elora regrets saying what she did, not even knowing why she said it. Something, Hal or the witch then kills her.

And that’s what’s happened in Pretty Mouth that you may have missed or forgotten.

Basically, remember, Hal’s goal is not to out right kill people. He tortures them mentally and physically as long as he can. He isn’t just some laughing monster with no plan either, while his witches do all his work for him he is not above laughing at the worst possible time and pushing Evan into the right direction.

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